The current hall you see today was built on the grounds of Levington Castle, built by Richard de Boyville in the time of Henry 1st. After being passed through multiple different owners, the old ruins of the original castle were torn down and Kirklinton Hall was built in its place, with the addition of the right arm add on in 1875 which we now call the long hall.



After the 800 acre Kirklinton Estate failed to find a buyer
as a whole in 1939 the land, house and farms were separated in to lots and sold off separately. The house was used by the RAF during the Second World War before retired farmers Doris and Willie Hay bought it in 1948 and transformed it into a nightclub and Casino in the sixties. The Estate attracted gamblers and notorious gangsters such as the Kray twins, from around the UK. After a change in the licensing and gambling laws, the Hall fell empty and by the early 1970s, it was nothing more than a roofless ruin.


We're very lucky to have some beautiful listed carriage houses and stables here at Kirklinton. Having already passed planning, the Carriage House and Tower surrounding the original cobbled courtyard, are undergoing extensive work this year to provide two additional holiday cottages. Along with our very near complete Pavilion, this will give us 3 different accommodation options for those who would love to experience the ruin and grounds for themselves.


This year we will also be starting the design process for the stable ruin adjacent to the courtyard, looking to add 3 more cottages to our holiday let portfolio in the near future.


Kirklinton is nestled in its own little microclimate often being a couple of degrees warmer than its surrounding villages. The “hot wall” running through the gardens provides the perfect climate for the climbing fruit trees planted against it delivering a beautiful backdrop for our herbaceous borders which are being planted this spring. Along with the restoration of the main hall and main residence, the gardens at Kirklinton will be an ongoing project. Having enlisted the expertise of a exceptionally talented landscape gardener, we are looking forward to beginning the process of bringing colour and structure to the grounds so that each season may be brought to life through the gardens. We are hoping to have drawings to show from this Spring 2023 of what you could expect in the future.

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